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Locked and Hardly Loaded

Ladiesontop by Lady Alexa

Today and last saturday were full on days for “The Game”. Starting with last week, a female friend of Lady A´s came to stay for 4 days. She is divorced and from the north of England and Lady A and her have been friends for many years. One thing we are discovering is that other women seem to enjoy seeing men humiliated and feminised. Obviously you need to be careful but Lady A obviously knew her friend well so had already spoken to cindy saying she believed that her friend would be up for playing. And true enough she was very enthusiastic at the idea. So last Saturday Lady A decided that cindy would be naked from the afternoon  on, wearing make up,  pink nail varnish, some jewelry but nothing else. cindy would wait on the ladies for the rest of the day and clean the house around them. cindy…

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